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LEAVE ME ALONE is a project about women and everything that entails their intimacy. The need to express my feelings, the sensation level of the body. It is that look at my own body, expression, sensation, a game at the mental level between sensation and pure feeling.
This journey led me to meet the essentialised life in what is called the common poetic background. It is an abstract dimension made of spaces, lights, colours, materials, and sounds, which are found in each of us. These elements accumulate in us from our various experiences, sensations, and everything we have seen, heard, touched, and tasted. All of this remains in our body and constitutes the common background from which creative impulses will emerge.
In my process, it is necessary to reach that common poetic background so as not to remain in life as it is or as it appears to be. So, I go back to a personal and intimate creation.
To capture images, there must be a chemistry between the camera and the image; it is a game between my self - photographer and my self-body (self-portrait) or the photographed woman.
To be aware of the body, I have taken my first photographs with my image to understand it, to be able to understand myself and later to be able to photograph other bodies knowing what I want.
The personal vision of my work changes and evolves due to research carried out over three and a half years; in the development, variations appear in terms of technique and learning, leading me to a search.
I use photography because it allows me to have a variety of languages before the same proposal.
In a state of impatient calm and curiosity, my true pedagogical journey begins, directed towards discovering the dynamics of nature; it is my first language.
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