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I met Mark Sidwells, an ex-force who has never been injured at war, but unfortunately, he accidentally lost his legs when a wardrobe fell over him. Even though this was a fascinating case to explore the veterans' world further, I realised it could be an overwhelming project, and I needed to prepare for that. Instead, I got lucky to know Mark Sidwells, a unique human with a massive heart that opened his house and became intimate with me, a stranger. He is so positive, and his energy is unbelievable. I could not believe he was limbless; I felt like he had the happiest life and love for himself; that is probably why he is so adorable. When I asked why he allowed me to photograph him, he told me that he wanted to show the world that anyone could have a happy life regardless of anything and that he did not feel disabled. I can only say I felt so good shooting with him, and I felt like I had known him for ages. Mark is a human sample, a brave and admirable man.
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