Plastic World is an S.O.S. Artistic and Environmental.
In a passionate and urgent call for attention, the "Plastic World" series emerges as a profound "NEVER AGAIN", resounding as a cry of despair and a sincere call for change.
This series of self-portraits is positioned in conceptual art with a clear intention: to denounce the political and environmental repercussions of a catastrophe that has remained hidden until its inevitable consequences. This message becomes relevant in the context of the recent disaster where a ship dumped eight containers of plastic pellets on the Portuguese coast, an event that has had a devastating impact on both Galicia and northern Spain, regions whose subsistence intrinsically depends on the sea. Moreover, this type of situation happens all the time around the globe.

Through my work, I identify with the victims of this tragedy, whether human beings or mariners, exploring a range of emotions that range from lament and protest to a deep feeling of solidarity with our planet. I achieve a visual symbiosis that not only denounces the dumping of these containers and the daily pollution that devastates our seas but also symbolises the lasting impact of this waste on marine life and, by extension, on ourselves.
"Plastic World" is, in essence, a cry for action in the face of an environmental crisis that, although it may be temporarily overshadowed by other news, leaves an indelible mark on our ecosystems and health. I remind you that we are part of an interconnected chain and that the power to instigate meaningful change lies largely in the hands of our political structures.
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