The Celtic love and passion, represented through their symbols and rituals, have helped me heal myself. The main motivation to tell this narrative was the struggle to survive in a challenging personal and professional patriarchal environment. These intense experiences have led me to become the contemporary woman I am now, shown in this artistic concept, 'The Warrior of my Life'.
'The Warrior of My Life' is a conceptual and historical art project which self-explores and investigates who I am, where I come from, and what motivates me as an artist. It analyses the identity and values of the Celtic society in Galicia, Spain. This art project production helped me construct my own chronological reality through my investigative journey. It is how I perceive Celtic people in relation to various artistic possibilities by expressing my own reality and history. The most important topics related to this project are social-cultural, spiritual-rituals, and mythological sides. Post-humanist components will be presented and linked with animal parts such as horns, a horse skull, animal blood, and a wild horsetail. As a totem animal of the Celts, the horse represents freedom above all else. The horse is a majestic animal that embodies the spiritual solid power of many elements like independence, freedom, courage, and endurance. The Celts viewed horses as a sense of good fortune. I feel profoundly connected with my Celtic ancestors and especially identified with Celtic women and their experiences, inspiring and transforming me as a human being and an artist. Therefore, the intention here is to highlight my roots and establish a parallelism between the concept of empowerment of women in Celtic society and our contemporary society.
I transformed into a wild 'Celtic Warrior' and a mythological character, 'Epona-Rhiannon-Macha: Celtic Horse Goddesses'.' The conceptual idea of the research project is to explore the uncanny and epic meaning of Celtic warrior women through body performances and visual arts. Women did not appear to be ostracised in this Celtic mythical society; on the other hand, women were warriors, initiators, leaders, goddesses, and equal to men.
I always felt like a warrior and very connected to wild animals. Therefore, Elements like blood, wild catch horsetail, and horse skull are symbols to recreate the symbiosis between a human and animal; I wanted to show the struggle of human and animal souls for survival in this artwork.
I have always connected with the spirit of a wild mare, a horsewoman who relates to her home and land. There is a constant 'belief' 'throughout this artwork that life is a force of universal energy, and universal freedom is also projected by the representation of wild animals in this region, symbolising death, rebirth, and reincarnation. The images represent my hometown, Cambados, where I feel my deepest roots and the feeling of loss where I had migrated 20 years ago. I play with a dual meaning of born (identity) and migration.

Fashion Designer & Stylist by Victoria Pheobe Gill

*All the resources and elements in this project were used without causing any harm. Sensitive content